White Citadel

We Build Brands People Love

We combine the power of data, code, words and design to create amazing brands at scale.

Our Manifesto

Most places where people consume information, media and make buying decisions are ugly, incorrect, outdated, boring and not engaging.

Our mission is to disrupt the way people make buying decisions and consume information.

We are achieving this by combining the power of data, code, words, and design.

This creates synergy which allows us to create correct, beautiful, and engaging content at scale. We currently operate 7 online brands in The Netherlands, engaging and helping over half a million people per month.

The Pillars Of White Citadel


We built our own tools. From Wordpress plugins to CQRS-microservices architectures. We believe we can solve almost anything with code.  


Correct, beautiful and engaging. That is what we strive for. Our content adds value, and we strife to make it better than the rest. 


Making the right decisions is hard. The fact that we're data driven allows us to hyperfocus our efforts and identify constraints. This makes us fast.


We strongly believe that websites and content should be beautiful. We focus on the details and go the extra mile for that smile. 

white citadel

We're a hybrid remote team. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work. Freedom and flexibility is one of our core values.

The Core Team

Founder / CEO

Thomas Dijkstra

Thomas Dijkstra

Head of Marketing & Operations

Wiebe Wolters

Wiebe Wolters

📝 Head of Content

Luca Nowak

Luca Nowak

Front-end Lead

Yassine Bridi


Kateryna Vislohuzova


Looking for:

Back-end Developer

Looking for:

Tech writers

Based in Amsterdam, operated worldwide

White Citadel Office

Company info

White Citadel
Prins Hendrikkade 21e 
1012TL, Amsterdam
KvK: 62613332
BTW: NL002363849B54

[email protected]